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Scene Music Studio’s control rooms are LEDE designed - Live End Dead End - with absorption surfaces both in the front and in the first reflecting space, i.e. between the two sound sources and the listening point.

Broadband diffusion surfaces, of diffraction grid (Schroeder diffusers) or bandwidth grid (Angus diffusers) type, on the back and front wall, respectively, with delayed arrival time by a few milliseconds compared with direct sound, offer best reproduction of sound space and image.

The insulation structure has optimal proportions; it was built of certified laminar spruce with high-quality anti-vibration rubber pads and panels and natural fibres, ensuring a balanced response to low frequencies, sounding “stable” and “sharp” at any point in the room.

The two recording rooms are designed with the same features of the control room, with a prevailing use of acoustic solid wood bi-dimensional "primitive root diffraction grid" broadband diffusers.

Scene Music Studio is located in one of the most typical neighbourhoods in Rome, named after the renowned main road Via Aurelia, once connecting Rome to Spain. This area is valued for its quiet and nearness to historic Rome and its monuments. Period residences and buildings of the last centuries have been renovated to be used as modern and fully-equipped hotels, preserving the architectural style of the era, becoming true gems nestled in the neighbourhood.



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