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Description of the diffuser and diffuser/absorber types in the studio rooms

Control Room
- On the rear wall at the listening point, a custom QRD (quadratic residue) diffuser diffraction network was created with a single high module, enclosed in a wooden framework that has the function of progressive absorption of the resonance modes.
- In the upper corner between the front wall and the , and on the walls on the sides of the listening point, eight diffusers-absorbers were used with binary perforated curves in complementary modules (positive-negative) in pseudo-casual sequence, using visible birch wood lined with acoustic fabric.

Recording Room
- In the upper corner between the opposite two walls and the ceiling ten diffusers-absorbers were installed in a binary pattern, as described for the control room.
- On a wall and on the ceiling there are two series of four bidimensional diffusers with a 157-module primitive-root (PRD) diffraction network, with 156 “grooves” of different depths for every module, in acoustic hard wood.

Listening/Recording room at the entrance
- Six PRD primitive root diffusers, as described in the recording room specifications, 4 of which are ceiling-mounted, inserted in the LED RGB Lighting System that recalls a space ship, and 2 wall-mounted ones, with embedded colour-changing optical fibres, customised devices for an enhanced appeal and best acoustic performance.

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